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There are a wide variety of appointments available at Claremont. Find out how you can access them.

Claremont Medical Practice has a team of highly trained health professionals with a variety of skills. This enables us to work with increase efficiency and maintain the highest levels of care.

To ensure that you are seen by the most appropriate member of our team, we ask for a brief description of the problem when booking your appointment. All information you give is strictly confidential, but if you feel the issue to be too personal and prefer not to say on the phone, then your wishes will be respected.

At Claremont we place a high value on timely access to our services. To enable this we have an award winning* Duty Team of a GP and Practice Nurse available all day to speak to anyone with urgent health concerns. This team will address your concerns promptly over the phone and either offer advice on treatments or arrange an appointment the same day if required.

Guide to the appointments on offer:

  1. Pre-bookable – These appointments are made available up to four weeks in advance. Pre-booking an appointment will allow you to request to see a specific GP. On most occasions you will be directed to book with your named GP within the Practice, however on occasion you might wish to see one of our GP with a special interest in a specific condition. Please speak to our reception team for guidance on this.
  2. Same-day – In order to be able to provide timely access for patients who feel unwell that day, we hold back a number of appointments which are only released that morning. These appointments are spread throughout the day and can be booked from 8am that morning.
  3. Telephone Appointments - Many health related queries can be dealt with very quickly and effectively over the telephone. Where the condition does not require a face-to-face consultation at the outset, you may be directed to one of our telephone appointments with a GP. This allows for prompt triage of the problem, investigations to be booked, discussion of results, planning to review the issue and advice to be given.
  4. Duty Team – As described above, this team ensures that any patient who requires urgent medical attention will speak to a GP or nurse that same day. For those requiring assessment, you will be offered an appointment on the day. As the Duty Team is based within reception they are also on hand to help with any queries communicated to the reception team throughout the day.
  5. Extended Access – At Claremont we understand how busy our patients’ lives are and therefore we offer appointments outside the normal working day allowing access for those who struggle to get time off work. These appointments are on Monday evening until 7:30pm, Tuesday morning starting at 7:20am and each Saturday morning from 8:30am. These appointments can be booked up to four weeks in advance.
  6. Home Visits – Home visits are specifically intended for housebound patients and generally occur between 12:00pm and 3:00pm. Requests for home visits should be made as early in the day as possible and before 11:00am. In order for us to make the best assessment of your condition with all equipment to hand, we request that anyone who is able to make it to the Practice for an appointment should do-so.
  7. Out of Hours - Outside of our opening times Devon Doctors are available via NHS111.

* NHS Health Innovation Award 2016