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Help Us To Help You!

Submitted by barry on Wed, 01/08/2020 - 18:12

Help health and care staff can make better decisions about your care and treatment

All patients have a Summary Care Record (SCR).

This contains important information about your health, such as:
•    Medicines you take
•    Allergies you have
•    Medicines that make you ill

You might need to see a doctor or nurse who does not know you. If they do not know about your care, your SCR could:
•    Stop them making a mistake, because they can see your medicines, allergies or what medicines make you ill
•    Help them see your information straight away on a computer

Doctors and nurses treating you will ask if they can look at your SCR to help them treat you quickly and safely.

You can choose to have other useful information added to your SCR, including:
•    Your illnesses and any health problems
•    Operations and vaccinations you have had in the past
•    How you would like to be treated – such as where you would prefer to receive care
•    What support you might need
•    Who should be contacted for more information about you

If you think you want to add other useful information to your SCR, talk to your GP practice. It will be added to your SCR and kept up-to-date for you.

If there is information you don’t want adding, let your GP practice know. 


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