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Our Research


Research NurseOur research team consists of:


Dr Kevin Douglas,

Dr Lisa Gibbons,

Dr Susannah Pathmanathan

Research Fellows: Dr Rachael Meek and Dr Emma Parker

Dr Lisa Gibbons is also Clinical Research Specialty Lead for Primary Care as well as NIHR CRN Primary Care I.T. Lead.



Lynsey Beall SW Peninsula Clinical Research Network Nurse hosted by Claremont

Nicky Musgrove Practice Research Nurse

Research Clinical Assistants: Kelly Farrow

Research Administration and IT: Kirsty Nicholls, Lynn Palfrey and Sophie Spurrier

Management: Debbie Sargeant, Joanna Coulam and Andrew Roberts


We work in collaboration with the SW Peninsula Clinical research network team




We welcome feedback from everyone regarding their participation in our research projects. We use this to learn more about patient experience and to improve the research at the Practice.

From time to time we also use post-study questionnaires to gather feedback.

Local Study Teams are often recruiting “patient representatives” to discuss their experience of research to help design future research studies. Let us know if this sounds like a something you would like to take part in.

Please send all comments or queries you have about your research experience to: d-ccg.claremontresearch@nhs.net


Claremont has been involved in medical research for more than 10 years. Our role is usually to identify suitable people and help recruit them to the appropriate study. Our research is organised by the Clinical Research Network South West which is part of the NHS National Institute for Health Research. It is ethically approved and selected specially for primary care to help improve medical care now and in the future. You may be invited to take part in research. There is no obligation to take part and if you decline it will not affect your treatment in any way.


Research Privacy Policy

Please download our Privacy Policy specific to our Research here.


Other information

Magazine for the South West Research


Research in the South West


National primary care research


Please have a look at some of the studies we are currently involved with. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to be involved.


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