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Sick Notes

Request a Sick / Fit Note from your GP


Whilst recovering from any illness it is important to rest and recuperate. Sometimes this requires time off work. Click on the link below for more information on the rules around sick notes and how to obtain one.

Here are the rules regarding time off:

  • You do not need a “sick note” for the first seven calendar days of your sickness absence. If your employer requires a sickness certificate, you can self-certify for this period using this form.
  • If you are off work for more than seven calendar days, you will require a note from the GP referred to as a “Med.3”. You and your GP will agree an appropriate amount of time to have off of work and a time to review your recovery.
  • It may be possible for you to return to work in certain circumstances if working arrangements are altered. This could include amended hours, altered duties or a phased return to work. The key thing is to get you back to work as quickly and safely as possible.
  • When this note expires, you are deemed fit to work and do not require any further letters or notes from the GP to prove this.


Hospital doctors or GPs can provide a fit note. To help decide if you need one please use the online tool below.

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