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Treating simple illness

Tips on treating simple illnesses


We know how frustrating feeling unwell can be. Viral coughs and colds in addition to other minor illnesses can be debilitating and drag on for some time. There is no quick cure available and these conditions have to run their course before they resolve. Despite this, there are measures available over the counter you can take to help yourself feel better while the condition improves.

NHS.uk in an NHS website dedicated to providing accurate information and advice for patients about their illness. You will find a vast collection of advice leaflets on almost any condition. Take a moment to research your symptoms and how best to manage these.


Solutions to common conditions

Blocked ears (wax)

Whilst we endeavour to help all our patients with the discomfort of blocked ears due to wax, we must prioritise those patients with hearing aids or those attending for hearing assessments. Our team works hard to quickly assist all patients on the waiting list for ear syringing.

Did you know that ear syringing is not always necessary?

Click on the link to view some very effective self-care methods for clearing ear wax contained within the NHS self-care guidelines for patients.

Instead of immediately booking for syringing or whilst waiting for your ear syringing appointment, why not give this a try?


Verrucas and Warts

What could be more annoying and frustrating than having a verruca or wart? Trying to get rid of them - that's what!

These troublesome skin lesions are harmless but so difficult to treat. In years gone by doctors have tried cutting them off, digging them out, freezing them, applying a variety of creams and potions. In ancient times people even tried the blood of a mole! Sadly, none of these work quickly or provide a lasting cure.

Funding limitations have meant that cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) is no longer funded as a treatment and therefore this previously commonly used treatment is not available.

So what can be done?

Warts and Verrucas are caused by a viral infection in the skin. They have a certain lifespan (often months or years) but they will resolve by themselves if left alone. Treatments are mainly used to remove the hard layer of skin formed at the surface which causes discomfort. Such treatments are available from your chemist.

NHS.uk has some excellent tips and advice treatment.

Where these simple treatments have not been effective we often advise the careful use of a silver nitrate pencil. These can be issued on prescription, bought from a pharmacy or online. Simply copy " silver nitrate 95% pencil " into your search engine. For those using this method, we recommend this extremely useful video demonstrating how to safely apply this treatment for verrucas and warts.